Let us take one more thing off your plate so you have the ability to use your time for something you enjoy, or relaxing.

One Time/First Time Clean

One time and first time cleans are concentrated on getting rid of all that buildup, and back to squeaky clean.

These cleans are designed to prepare your home for general maintenance cleans, or simply to help you get caught up on cleaning that has been neglected.

Starting at $60/hour

Home Helper

Need help keeping your home picked up and tidy throughout the week?

The home helper package is perfect for you!


  • General tidying of the home, dishes, starting laundry, and light organization.

The home helper package starts with two visits per week.

Starting at $120

Maintenance Clean

Maintenance cleans are cleans that are weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.
The purpose of our maintenance cleans are to keep your home sanitized and looking fresh and clean from week to week.


  • A general clean of all areas
  • Rotation of deeper details like baseboards, walls, and high dusting.

Maintenance cleans are perfect for an up-keep on the general cleaning of your home.

Flat rate starting at $110

Office Clean

When cleaning offices, we make sure that everything is up kept clean, tidy, and sanitized.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing of all bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, windows, and offices
  • Changing all the trash/recycling bins so that there is no need for anyone to do so
  • A final touch of keeping up on all baseboards and high dusting to keep spiderwebs and dust buildup away

Flat rate starting at $110

Deep Clean

Our deep cleans are similar to our maintenance cleans, but with much more detail.


  • A wipe of down every baseboard, window, and even walls each and every time.
  • Dusting high surfaces like ceiling fans, flat surfaces, and ceiling corners is also included in our deep cleans.

Deep cleans are great for an overall catch up of cleaning for your house, or even to prepare for a party/get-together at your home.

Starting at $60/hour

Move In/Out Clean

When it comes to our move in/out cleans, our purpose is to fully prep your new/old space to be live in ready.


  • Every surface, including the inside of all cupboards and drawers, every baseboard, and even light switches and door handles are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Move in/out cleans also include a fridge and oven clean out, making them ready to use!

Starting at $60/hour